Our Services

On-Site/Portable Services

Weldall, Inc. offers a specialized focus in the field of pipe welding. Our on site welding company takes extreme care to ensure our pipe fitting is to spec every time. With our portable construction welding service, pipe can be fit and welded either in shop or on site depending on the needs of the contractor and the job itself. Weldall, Inc. is the main pipe welding service for all the major ski areas in the Southern Tier of Western New York. We have experience with large gas line systems, water lines, industrial coolant systems, steam, snowmaking systems, hot water heating, stainless steel piping in sewer plants, aluminum irrigation pipe, and many other types of onsite pipe welding.  Under certain circumstances we canthaw frozen pipes under streets, sidewalks, in buildings and more.

New Construction Services

We offer many types of new construction services ranging from industrial services, welding at feed mills, concrete plants, and other production facilities to structural welding at shopping malls, newly constructed sewer plants, and even a rollercoaster.
All of our workers are AWS certified and OSHA compliant.  


At Weldall, Inc. we can weld mild steel, alloy  steel, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, and cast iron. We can also do a large variety of soldering techniques including, but not limited to, silver solder, lead/tin, aluminum solder, and brazing.
We are currently ASME and AWS certified so we have the knowledge to meet your welding needs.  We can also weld plastic! We are DOT certified as well.

Machine Shop Services

Inside our shop we offer a wide variety of machine shop services. We include two lathes, a 50-ton hydraulic press, surface grinder, milling machine, and several drill presses that have the ability to drill up to a 3½" hole!
We have the vast knowledge and ability to machine a variety of new and existing parts depending on your needs.


Weldall, Inc.'s on-site repair services involve a very wide range of applications that are not always focused completely on welding, Such as,  hoisting a new 700-pound gear reduction unit up 150 feet through various stages of a building.
We have also done jobs such as replacing deteriorated cross beams on a small commercial bridge. We pride ourselves on the quality of our repair work and are assured that it is 100% fixed when we leave the job. 

Custom Fabrication 

With the various tools and machines located in our shop, the possibilities are almost unlimited for what we can fabricate and repair. Our shop has the ability to shear mild steel up to 3/4", to drill holes up to 3 3½", bend plate up to 1'' depending on the item, and cut steel up to 4" and more with our oxy-fuel automated equipment.
Whether it is for individual use or an onsite application, our metal fabrication company can meet your needs.  

Plasma Cutting

Our shop offers custom CNC plasma cutting with our plasma cutting system. Our machine can cut fine, high-quality lines in 26 gauge to 1/2 inch in steel. Other materials include stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. This process can be used in many aspects such as creating art, decorations, signs, job-shop, and more.
We offer a large amount of finish options from unfinished and rusty to a clear lacquer finish to keep the part at its desired look for years to come. .